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The World's Best Architecture Schools in Research: 2009/13 results

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Final Edition

Note Along with the rest of this site, this page ceased updating in 2014. No further results will be published.

The Good Oil

We surveyed and rated the research performance of the architecture schools in the English-speaking nations. Previous surveys were conducted in 2005 and 2007.

On these pages you can find the results of our most recent survey, that of 2009. Features of the 2009 report:

  • Every school from nine key English-speaking nations examined: the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Eire, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand
  • Over 170 architecture schools rated: every single accredited school for which data was available
  • Almost 3,200 architectural academics assessed

You can read about our methodology here.

For an excellent discussion of architecture school ratings systems, see Great Programs in Architecture (IJAR 2008 2:2 (11-22), by Ann Forsyth.

Rating the individual professors. We rank over 3,000 architecture professors for their research abilities. The 2009/13 report is available.

About the ratings

Our survey is intended to aid postgrads {graduates} seeking a place to conduct architectural research.

The survey does not claim to be a guide to those keen to become working architects. Our rankings won't help someone out of high school looking to maximize their future prospects and income. For that, American students should buy the survey from DesignIntelligence, which provides a rankings list of American schools. Our survey has two advantages compared to our competitor at DesignIntelligence. First, it is free and gratis. Second, our survey includes every single school in the USA and Canada for which we could obtain data, unlike DesignIntelligence' paltry efforts ranking a handful of schools. Anyone looking to study architecture should also read the discussions at ArchiNect.

How did we calculate our ratings?

Read this page.

Who should use our ratings?

We have attempted to measure the architecture schools and their academics {professors} in terms of their research output. We make no statement of their quality of teaching. Our only claim is that postgrads looking to complete higher studies, or undergrads looking for an intellectual challenge, should cast a glance over our ratings.

Where are the 2009/13 ratings?

Right here:

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