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Dr Garry's Terrace is run by Dr Garry.

Thirty years ago, Dr Garry accidentally created a whole new theoretical apparatus for looking at the place of architecture in society. That spawned a whole mini-school of thought. Dr Garry spent decades unaware of the impact of his work, until he started to receive requests for papers and appearances. But he had nothing further to say.

Click here to find out what architectural sociology is. If you walk away from that experience unconvinced about Dr Garry's claim, we shall … well, do nothing, actually.

The site has five sections:

  • At The History of the Bible Podcast you can listen to a podcast on the history of ancient Israel and the Bible.
  • And there are some general ruminations and biographical info, including some tips and advice for Americans thinking of moving to Australia for work or an extended stay.
  • At Garry's Charts and Timelines you can download some great free resources; charts and timelines of the Old Testament kings, the tree of life, the Roman republic, the Roman emperors, and the Christian liturgical year, amongst others. All gratis!
  • At Garry's Games you can download historical strategy games that are used by history teachers and played by grognards everywhere: for free!
  • At his Architectural Blatherations section you can find archival information and biased opinions on the architecture profession and the world's architecture schools: for free! This section ceased updating in 2014, and is maintained as an archive.

About Dr Garry

Dr Garry is best known as the host of the The History in the Bible Podcast.

He is also known as the designer of several popular historical family boardgames, available for free download; and for his science and history teaching charts and timelines, also available for free download. They are now available in more languages than his books.

The late Pierre Bourdieu Mr Victor Mature
In memoriam: Prof. Pierre Bourdieu, the greatest sociologist of the 20th century.
In memoriam: Mr Victor Mature, whom no one would regard as the greatest actor of the 20th century.

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