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Final Edition

Note Along with the rest of this site, this page ceased updating in 2014. No further results will be published.

All the Good Oil

This page lists all the articles and essays about architects, architecture schools and architectural education that you can find at this site, going back many years. In the unlikely event you are interested in finding out more about Architectural Blatherations, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

You can download a package of papers from our successors.

  • People. Architects as real people. They are saving us plebs from our own vulgarity, whether we like it or not.
    • Australian stuff. Architects from Dr Garry's own Australia. They're a weird mob.
  • Profession. The profession of architecture. How it really works.
  • Education. Architectural education and the architecture schools. How the schools socialize their students; and why the students love it.
    • Rating the schools. Our popular section in which we rate the schools in terms of research.
    • Australian stuff. The Australian architecture schools. Dr Garry gives you his opinions about the best and the worst.
  • Theory. Architectural history and sociology. You can learn a lot here.


Australian people


The Australian profession


Rating the schools

Australian education

The theory

  • Architectural sociology today. We look back on the exciting developments in architectural sociology accomplished after the publication of The Favored Circle liberated the discipline from the domination of Robert Gutman's naive theories.
  • The academic publishing rort. A new journal, Architecture and Culture, has the best of intentions, but shoots itself in the head. We explain why.
  • The most important work in architectural sociology in more than a generation was Garry's book The Favored Circle, published way back in 1998. We hate false modesty, don't you? To catch up on what has happened since, you should read Paul Jones' The Sociology of Architecture (Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, 2011).
  • The first in a series on the rhythms of architectural history.
  • Downclassing the Architect. It isn't brilliant, but there is some quite useful stuff there, nonetheless, especially from Garry's research into the economics of architecture over the past thirty years.
  • How the Invisible Stays That Way. A paper published in Thresholds, the journal of MIT's Department of Architecture. This is the original, longer, and much better version.
  • Freakonomics is a wildly successful media enterprise, turning a dry-as-dust screw-the-poor economic church (rational action theory) into a sexy money-making machine. As a solid Bourdivin student, we have our own take on the Freakonomics money-machine.

The rest

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