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So, You Want to be an Architect? A FAQ

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We are often asked for advice on which architecture school is best; or how to get into a school; or how to do well in school; or how to become an architect. We put down some thoughts here with this handy collection of often-asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

I'm American. Which is the best school to study architecture?

The middle-aged Aussie Dr Garry is the last person to give youngsters advice. What would he know? Our many readers looking for the right architecture school, or wondering how to get themselves into the right school, should consult the excellent forums at Archinet, in which you can speak to your contemporaries. You can even ask your own questions. By the nature of its audience, this site is heavily biased towards North America, but still well worth a visit.

If you want a revealing ranking and rating of the architecture schools throughout the English-speaking world (the best and the worst), read Rating the world's architecture schools.

I want to work in the USA. Which is the best American school to complete my studies? Where should I go for my MArch?

We don't know.

I'm Australian. Which is the best school to study architecture?

If you are looking for a school in Australia, we suggest you check out what Australian students think about their education. If you want to do graduate research at an architecture school anywhere in the English-speaking world, then you should read this question.

Apart from that, try, which is nothing if not well-intentioned.

How do I maximize my chances of getting into architecture school?

Many readers ask us how to maximize their chances of entry, or what they should study in high school. We also receive a lot of queries from those we in Australia call mature age students, those 25 or older who are seeking a career change; some already have degrees and extensive experience in the real world, some do not. We can't help you.

How can I survive in school?

See our page on surviving architecture school.

Is architecture a good occupation for women?

See our page on women in architecture.

Which are the best schools to do research and postgraduate work in?

See our page ranking the world's architecture schools in research.

How much do architects earn?

See our page on the economics of the profession.

How do I become an architectural success?

See our pages on becoming famous without building anything, and the class nature of the occupation.

I'm British. How many A-levels do I need to do architecture? And where should I go?

We don't know.

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