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This site ceased updating in 2014, and is now maintained as an archive.

What we did

Welcome to the site of the world's second-greatest living architectural sociologist, Dr Garry. Titter ye not! This is serious.

Quite by accident, around the year 2000 Dr Garry created a whole new theoretical apparatus for looking at the place of architecture in society, that itself spawned a mini-school of thought. Architectural Blatherations is the successor to that work. It conducts research into architects and society, architectural history, education, and the architecture schools. Here can you read a whole ton of essays, as shown on our site map, about architecture and its place in society, and architectural education.

Our research rankings of the world's architecture schools are considered authoritative (as well as being free: eat your heart out, DesignIntelligence).

Architectural Blatherations receives no funding from and is therefore independent of government, the architecture profession, and the architecture schools. Architectural Blatherations conducts serious research, but in a light-hearted way.

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