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What this site is about

Dr Garry's Terrace, is run by Dr Garry. He is the world's fifth-greatest living architectural sociologist, and the 7th greatest living podcasting exponent of the modern synthesis in Biblical studies.

The site has five sections:

About Dr Garry

Dr Garry is best known as the host of the The History of the Bible Podcast..

He is also known as the designer of several popular historical family boardgames, available for free download; and for his science and history teaching charts and timelines, also available for free download. They are now available in more languages than his books.

Dr Garry also is the world's second-greatest living architectural sociologist. Quite by accident he created a whole new theoretical apparatus for looking at the place of architecture in society, that itself spawned a mini-school of thought. No, really. Just ask anyone—that bloke on the bus who was cutting his toenails, for example. Click here to find out what architectural sociology is. If you walk away from that experience unconvinced about Dr Garry's claim, we shall … well, do nothing, actually.

The late Pierre Bourdieu
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