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This site ceased updating in 2014, and is now maintained as an archive.

What we did

Quite by accident, around the year 2000 Dr Garry created a whole new theoretical apparatus for looking at the place of architecture in society, that itself spawned a mini-school of thought. Architectural Blatherations was the successor to that work. It conducted research into architects and society, architectural history, education, and the architecture schools. Here can you read a whole ton of essays, as shown on our site map, about architecture and its place in society, and architectural education.

You can download a package of papers from our successers.

Our research rankings of the world's architecture schools were considered authoritative (as well as being free: eat your heart out, DesignIntelligence).

Where to now?

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  • A brief FAQ about architectural sociology.
  • Architectural Blatherations site map and index: All the essays and information about architects we have here.

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