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Hi. You have arrived here because you've searched for Dr Garry. There are a few Garry Stevens' in the Internet universe. But there is only one who is an architectural sociologist; family boardgame designer; teaching resource creator; producer and author of the History in the Bible podcast, and an Aussie, to boot.

Dr Garry is one of the few people in the world with advanced degrees in architecture, sociology, and information technology. Actually, Garry does not know of anyone else on the planet with degrees in all, but he is happy to assume that there is at least one more person similarly educated.

First off: I do not offer architectural services. Just had to say that, before the thought police descend on me. I have degrees in architecture, computer-aided design, philosophy and sociology; a mind-buggering 35 postnominal letters. Whoopy-do. True, they are all completely useless in my current worklife, but they were a lot of fun to get.

The first part of my career I spent as a hermetic academic in computer-aided architectural design. After a terrible disillusionment with both the discipline and its academic proponents, I found myself propelled into reality; that is, the private sector. Nice way to earn money, but there is little intellectual challenge. So I still keep my academic hand in with my podcast.

My first book was CADD Made Easy (McGraw-Hill, ), about computer-aided architectural design, done with Tony Radford, Emeritus Professor of Architecture at the University of Adelaide. My second was a lot more fun both to write and to read, The Reasoning Architect (McGraw-Hill, ), about mathematics and science in architecture.

The book I am best known for is my last, the extremely controversial The Favored Circle (The MIT Press (1998, 2002, ), on the sociology of architects). I won't be writing any more books.

In memoriam

  • Victor Mature † August 1999
  • Ian Fraser † September 2001
  • Pierre Bourdieu † January 2002
  • Juan Garcia Esquivel † January 2002
  • Ernest George Stevens (née Ernö Gyorgi Szylagi) † April 2002
  • Pudding † June 2003
  • Helen Murphy (née Helen Hobbs) † November 2003
  • Pamela Mary Stevens (née Pamela Chisholm Hobbs) † April 2006
  • Gore Vidal † July 2012
  • All Sorts † November 2014
  • Terry Pratchett † March 2015
  • Tim Brooke-Taylor † April 2020
  • Barry Cryer † January 2022

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