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Can I get Work as an Architect in Australia?

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The Good Oil

We are sometimes asked about getting a job in Australia as an architect. How much does it pay? Is there a big demand for architects? What are the legal and immigration requirements? On this page we give our advice. But note that it is not formal legal advice, and you must consult the relevant authorities.

For job prospects we suggest you contact the Royal Australia Institute of Architects. The salaries are probably about the same as the country you have just left: you won't get rich here, but you could be quite comfortable, and with a much better climate.

Can I work in Australia?

For the legal requirements about working in Australia, you should contact the Australian Department of Immigration.

If you satisfy the legal requirements for working in Australia you can happily hawk yourself around as an architectural designer, and work in architecture or building design firms.

Can I practise architecture in Australia?

Like the United States, architectural practice is regulated on a state-by-state basis. Unlike the United States, only title protection is given in Australian states. That is, in Australia, a chimpanzee can lawfully design a building, provided the chimpanzee does not describe him or herself as an architect.

So, yes, as far as we know, you can practise your craft in Australia, providing you satisfy the other Federal requirements, and do not call yourself an architect. You can get the latest facts and the good oil by paying some hard-earned money to the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia.

Can I call myself an architect in Australia?

No. Every Australian state has strict regulations about who may call themselves an architect. You can do the work of an architect, but you cannot call yourself an architect, unless you satisfy these regulations. Or you are very rich and famous: every state has loopholes allowing starchitects to do as they please. See the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia.