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Rating the architecture professors: 2009/13 edition

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Final Edition

This site ceased updating in 2014. This page will not be updated.

The Good Oil

We've used the data from our 2009 survey to compile a report of individual academics {professors}. This list shows how they rate on our Research Score. The report includes over 3,100 academics from the major English-speaking nations. This report will be superceded by our next survey, to be conducted in 2014.

The Report

Reasons Not to Read the Report

We've received a bucketload of emails from aggrieved architecure academics {professors} complaining about their position in our ratings. You can read a typical critique of our exercise from Dr Tom Loveday, of the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of New South Wales. He has every right to object, but we take deep offence at his attempt to bully us into silence.

We've also read comments in places such as Archinect that lists such as this will not help you choose an architecture school. The authors are right, and we have never claimed otherwise. But such a ranking may be of use for for postgrads wanting to do research.

How do I get the report?

You can download the free report from here.

Can't find your favourite academic?

Our survey was conducted in the southern summer of 2008-2009. Our next survey will be conducted in 2014. Read this to find out who we included in our list.