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When we first published the THES rankings of Australian schools, we received an email from a reader using the moniker Radovanovic1, pungently attacking our discussion on ranking Australia's best universities. We at Architectural Blatherations are big believers in letting have our critics have their say, right here at Architectural Blatherations, for all to see. Read on!

Ms Radovanovic has her say below. We reproduce the relevant portions of the email below, exactly as Radovanovic sent it: spelling, capitalisation, style and grammar are exactly as the correspondent sent it.

Ms Radovanovic writes

i sincerely hope that it wasn't you who wrote such comments on the australian universities and their performance in THES 2005, but if you did write that stuff well than let me educate you about some things. Well the THES is right simply because a third world country should not pass any judgement on the first world counties such as Australia and secondly THES is highly popular prestigious and respected source of information and yes it's British and that means they are definitely right and credible and the second Times Higher World Rankings is the best guide to the world's top universities, says Martin Ince the editor.Obviously since THES looks at the modern way of analysing the rankings of universities not using some stupid methology like the Shanghai rankings did basing everything around the notion of science-related citations while THES offers a more consistent and systematic look at the world's top universities in the context of the globalisation of higher education which is obviously what is happening in our world today.British are obviously right since they had universities before other people around the world knew what a book was and therefore their rankings are the best so far,first class all the way.

so thefore you should stop writing your little pity insignificant dumb comment you bloody idiot

1. It seems the email originates from Canberra. We found ten or so people by the name of Radovanovic living in the Canberra region, and two of that name employed by the Australian National University. We have no idea if any of these sent the email, but it makes you think.