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We love hearing from architecture students looking for advice. We are always happy to say a few words and then refer them to our page on wanting to be an architect.

But we can't help people who write gibberish, as below.

We wish the author the best, but the evidence from the author's email is that the author is at the best semi-literate. The author's email is written in the addled SMS-email miscegenation of typical 20-somethings. If—God forbid—this is the level of discourse that the author has learnt at architecture school, than that sad school should be deregistered. Now. And the author should be shot. Now.


I was accepted at —. & — as Pre-Arch. At —, after two quarters I'd be evaluated on my Grades and they will take 10 out of the 30 PreArch. students into Arch. with those chosen making up the 6 wk. studio over the summer. For —, I would have to re-apply as a Change-0f-Major student from the A & A Core into Arch. This year, 6 did this and 4 got in. They have to take 2 make-up classes over the summer to be up to the 2nd year's. Any advice? XXX

No, we have no advice

We have no advice for the very obvious reason that we have no idea what the author is on about. We have suggested to the author that she (or he!) learns how to express themselves in the English language. Once done, we shall advise away!