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In 2009 we stumbled across an article in the architectural academic press that seemed to rely a whole bunch on Dr Garry's writings on this site and in the (paper) press going back more than ten years. Normally, we would have shrugged this off as coincidence. Who is to say when ideas spring up independently? But not in this case. One of the authors of the article in question has been very well aware of Dr Garry's work since Dr Garry first published.

In January 2009 we sent a brusque email and fax to the authors of the paper in question, and to the journal's editor and publishers. We made a very simple request that Dr Garry's contribution to their work be acknowledged, as the publisher's guidelines required.

The Cast

We have changed all the names for anonymity and used only the male gender. Apart from that, all the quotes are exactly as we received them. Here is the cast list:

Updated. Our information is that Professor Fuschia, editor of the Journal of Crap, has collected a right walloping from Prof Fuschia's publisher, Dr Goldenrod, for the embarrassing email.

The Correspondence

Response from the publisher, Dr Goldenrod

The first response we received was an email from the publisher's el supremo, Dr Goldenrod:

Another one.

Seems Dr Goldenrod did not quite have control of his Whortleberry multimedia device! The resigned email Dr Goldenrod intended only for his flunkies ended up in Dr Garry's inbox. But Dr Goldenrod was quick off the mark. Just a short while later he sent this email:

Apologies for my previos [sic] email which was meant to be forwarded to my editorial director for this subject area ….

I acknowledge receipt of your complaint and we will investigate thoroughly and in timely manner following estabished [sic] procedures.

Response from the editor, Professor Fuschia

The second response we received was from the journal's editor, Professor Fuschia:

Dear Dr Stevens,

That is indeed a very serious allegation, and I will of course be looking into the matter you raise. I realise that you do not make this accusation lightly as it is likely to damage your reputation considerably if it were found to be false. I naturally have read your book on 'The Favored Circle', plus various other essays of yours, and I cannot say that I was struck by any immediate similarities of the kind that you suggest - but that is something we will clearly have to look at again in more detail.

I do not know much of [Dr Orange] personally, but [Professor Dark] is of course an academic of high international standing, and I have always found him to be someone of great integrity. [Professor Dark] is indeed one of the Regional Editors for Eastasia [name changed] for the Journal of Crap. Hence I am sure that [Professor Dark] will cooperate fully in any investigation.

I will consult with [Posh Academic Publishing Group] as to their standard procedures in such instances, since to my knowledge this issue has never been raised with the [Journal of Crap] before - certainly not in the last few years during which I have been involved with it. I will respond to you on this matter in due course, but I am sure that you can understand that this process might well take a few months.

The rules of Posh Academic Publishing Group require that no reply be sent without the permission of the publisher. We can only assume, therefore, that Professor Fuschia wrote his email on behalf of Dr Goldrenrod and Posh Academic Publishing Group.

Professor Fuschia Investigates

According to their emails, Professor Fuschia, Dr Goldenrod and their publisher will attempt a robust, objective and unbiased investigation of Dr Garry's claims. Riiiiight. Let's take some extracts from Professor Fuschia's original email quoted in full above:

I realise that you do not make this accusation lightly as it is likely to damage your reputation considerably if it were found to be false.

[Professor Dark] is of course an academic of high international standing, and I have always found him to be someone of great integrity. [Professor Dark] is indeed one of the Regional Editors for [Eastasia] for the [Journal of Crap].

Let's get this straight. The first quote is simply Professor Fuschia's bullying attempt to get Dr Garry to shut up. Don't rock the boat, says Professor Fuschia, you might get washed overboard. Our reply is: Professor, we will not be brow-beatten into silence.

The second quote admits that Professor Dark – one of the authors that Dr Garry is raising allegations against – is a bosum-buddy of Professor Fuschia, the very person that Posh Academic Publishing Group wants to investigate Dr Garry's claims. Riiiiight.

Response from the authors, Dr Orange and Professor Dark

In early 2009 we sent emails, faxes and letters to the paper's authors – Dr Orange and Professor Dark – and to their universities, expressing our concerns. We reiterated our correspondence two months later. We made the very simple request that Dr Orange and Professor Dark acknowledge that their paper owed more to Dr Garry's works over the past decade than they had cited.

Response from Prof Dark

We have heard nothing from Prof Dark.

Response from Dr Orange Dr Orange's boss Prof Firebrick

We have had no response from Dr Orange. While refusing to contact us directly, Dr Orange has been able to marshall others to speak for the Doctor. We received the letter below from Prof Firebrick, Dr Orange's boss. It is headed "Alleged Plagiarism". Whoa, Prof Firebrick. That's your term, not ours. At no time have we alleged plagiarism. Indeed, we have specifically declined to make that accusation.

Dr Firebrick writes
Prof Firebrick writes.

Questions for the Cast

Question 1: We are confused. We have no complaint against Prof Firebrick. Why does Prof Firebrick write to justify the actions of Prof Firebrick's employee, Dr Orange? We have been attempting to contact Dr Orange directly for four months, to no avail. Why does Dr Orange refuse to talk to us? How has Dr Orange managed to convince Prof Firebrick to carry the can for the Doctor?

Question 2: The official guidelines of Posh Academic Publishing group require that the editor of the Journal of Cods, Dr Fuschia, obtain an answer to allegations such as those of Dr Garry's within one month. Our complaint was sent in January 2009. The implication of Prof Firebrick's letter is that Prof Fuschia has failed to inform Dr Orange of the allegations as of April 2009, let alone ask Dr Orange for a response. Why has Prof Fuschia failed to do so?