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Carol Deane writes to us, pissed off her brain

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In September 2009 we received an email from someone using the name Carol Deane As far as we can tell, it really was sent by Ms Carol Deane, principal designer and proprietor of Interior Lab Studio, at about 3am local time. Ms Deane does seem to keep long hours, a testament to her dedication to her clients. Her third and final email, which we do not reproduce here, simply said I was drunk.

Ms Deane—if indeed it was she—took us to task on a variety of matters. For reasons utterly opaque to us, she decided that our defence of interior designers was actually an attack on them.

Carol Deane writes

Email 1

Email exactly as received. We have no idea what she is talking about.

By Interior Designers

Your comments

NCARB is, of course, doing this solely with the protection of the public health, safety and welfare in mind. Very right and proper, too. It is especially solicitous of building workers:

What I think

How could having a state regulated licensed program not adhere to what your group is wary of? If these actually are the concerns of your group, have you thought of, rather than abolishing a well regulated and profitable profession, perhaps seeking to oversee the testing for licensure+?

(+one of the more drastic solutions, but many others would be considered…)


Many names

Email 2

Email exactly as received. We still have no idea what she is talking about.

You are a recluse yet you yearn to reach out to the public…

Don't worry… no hateful words in the email. I'm actually curious about you because I feel you want to be bashed… The fact that you had an architectural background

Doesn't make you an intellect, btw. I mean, I have had the same love since I was a

Child but it was every aspect of it! Including interiors, furniture, the guts of the f'n bldg.

The stuff people experience!

So, I changed professions, but now the ones that were once my colleagues,

Are coming down on me with their stupid elitism and trying to bring down a profession

They wish they were proud of!

Be proud of what you know and don't let others scare you.

PhD can mean so much more than a pompous website… was this done in Word, wtf?