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We suppose you could say that some of our reviews in the academic press are hate mail, but that is part of the game. At least we have a gentlepersonly debate.

Then there are those emails that just go beyond the pale. We don't receive much correspondence that we consider really offensive and vituperative. But still it happens. On this page we provide an email from someone signing themselves as Leila Martin, apparently a former female student at the school of architecture at the University of South Australia, or someone associated with the school. We consider it a particularly nasty piece of work.

We had been hoping for an apology from her teachers at the University, at least for inculcating such rudeness in their students. But no: quite the opposite: they want to suppress us! Read all about it here.

Leila Martin writes

Of course, we have no idea if Leila Martin exists or if she is or was a student at the school. Imposture on the internet is common. The emailer sent from the address (it may have been spoofed. For all we know this is the address that Vladimir Putin uses when he wants to bill internet porn to his KremlinCard®.

Dr Garry also has a vague memory about dating a Lulu about 30 years ago. Maybe this is her revenge! If there is a real student of the school of architecture at the University of South Australia called Leila Martin who did not send this email, we apologise for the imposture foisted on both of us.

The lawyers send dark clouds

The school's lawyers sent us a very huffy email saying that they were advised that there was no student by that name at the school. They said not a word about a past student or associate.

Taking the email at face value

Still, we shall take her email at face value.

Leila was quite offended at our description of her school. So she wrote the email quoted below. You can make your own assessment. We have left the correspondent's email exactly as we received it, only inserting links to the passages offending Ms Martin for your easy reference. Spelling, capitalisation, style and grammar are exactly as the correspondent sent it.

Leila Martin's email

I tried to avoid writing this email, but the more i sifted through the SHIT on your website the more i felt i needed to let you know what a wanker you have made yourself out to be. What a dramatically successful web presence you have created for yourself!

Firstly, nobody - except you - is impressed or gives a shit about how many meaningless and utterly useless letters you have after your name. What a waste of education.

Secondly, no i wasn't searching for your website Dr Garry. It just appeared.

Thirdly, the university of SA still exists and believe it or not, ain't that bad.

And lastly, what a sad, bitter and twisted soul you are! Of unprecedented proportions!! What a shocking time you had at uni! Studying architecture is not easy, especially if like you, you lack practical talent. But for God's sake! Most people manage to get through without the bullshit you are carrying around with you.

No coincidence that you ended up firstly in academia, and then unemployed having to create your own title. architectural sociologist. And you wonder that you're not flat out giving lectures. Somehow i feel that your expert knowledge of Tudor board games is where you should be focussing your energy.

Lastly your comments on women in architecture were ill-thought out and completely non-constructive. And how, may I ask, is architecture unusually intimate? I certainly, in my 7 years at architecture school, never heard of anything disturbing in this regard. What is your problem actually? Pissed off about being a failure? All your comments on women actually apply to you! Are you, in fact, a woman? In your dreams mate.

I guess what really pushed me over the edge were your comments on children and your inability to coexist with another person. Garry, with two Rs, you are one sad sick puppy.

kind regards